Holistic Nutrition
Customized strategies for success

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Customized strategies for success

People are often confused and frustrated by contradictory health information. Rachel Avalon goes straight to the core of what it takes to create short-term and long-term health by sharing a holistic perspective that is time-tested and scientifically proven. This approach can radically transform your health, happiness, and contribution to a better planet.

Unlike the vast majority of nutritionists, Rachel focuses on simplifying supplement use rather than pushing products and generating overwhelming routines. This saves you money and makes the process more fun!

Doing The Avalon Cleanse is recommended as the most efficient and effective start to being healthy, happy, and green. It’s absolutely your choice though and private nutritional sessions are available before or after the program.

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Holistic Nutrition Coachings:

  • Examine dietary and health history
  • Identify missing links for optimal weight and well-being
  • Learn how to achieve real nutrition and hydration
  • Set personal goals
  • Customize strategies for success
  • Receive directions and multiple resources for optimal empowerment
  • Balance the body and mind to eliminate cravings
  • Kick the caffeine habit and sustain real energy
  • Share progress and address any questions
  • Learn on-the-go, socializing, and traveling health strategies
  • Learn how to maximize results with non-toxic solutions for daily living
  • Improve your home or work environment for wellness
  • Discover pro-beauty secrets that are natural, guilt-free, and deliver real results
  • Become equipped with pro-wellness tools to boost the immune system, reduce infections, and decrease recovery time
  • Learn creative, quick cooking
  • Learn how to test and balance ph levels
  • Subscribe to E-newsletters with holistic tips
  • Access premium, personalized client content, including carefully selected book, audio, and website recommendations
  • Take optional tests that can identify nutritional, and hormonal imbalances
  • Experience the purpose and payoff of holistic living!

Gift certificates are available for all of Rachel’s services. They can be picked up at the office, emailed, or mailed.

30*, 60* or 90 Minutes

*Existing clients only

“Rachel’s nutritional guidance is practical and life changing. She gave me real solutions that not only inspired me, but my family too. She’s a compassionate teacher with a great sense of humor.”

- Aida | Student

“Rachel’s passion for empowering others to achieve optimal health was obvious from the very beginning of the counseling process.” “I can’t thank Rachel enough!”

- Jennifer | Pscyhotherpaist

“I have worked with Rachel for many years now and being a professional athlete I’m always looking for the best performance and nutrition possible. I was a member of the US National Cycling Team and a Silver Medalist at the US Olympic Trials. She has completely changed my life around as I’ve made bigger gains in performance now than I ever have in my whole career. She has not only given me the tools to exceed beyond my own expectations but she also has help me become a healthier person and this has been invaluable in my life.”

– Haldane | Pro Cyclist

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Who Loves Working with Rachel?

  • People who want to lose weight and keep it off
  • Actresses and industry professionals (including celebrities)
  • Brides
  • Moms and soon-to-be parents
  • People passionate about health and fitness
  • People diagnosed with cancer
  • People interested in reducing or eliminating medications
  • People dedicated to a healthy planet
  • Everyone in between

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