Detox Teas

I love tea! So, I’m thrilled I found Pukka at Natural Products Expo West. Not only do they offer unique, organic herbal blends, but they offer some delicious teas specifically for cleansing and detoxing.

Some of their teas include:
  • Detox – with aniseed, fennel, and cardamom
  • Cleanse – with nettle, fennel, and peppermint
  • Love – with rose, chamomile, and lavender
  • Harmonise – with rose, hibiscus, and sweet vanilla
  • Chamomile & Vanilla
NOTE: Chamomile is not recommended if you suffer allergies from ragweed.

Detox Teas, organic herbs

With organic certification, herbal blends that taste lovely and promote health, as well as beautiful packaging, what’s not to love? Extra eco details are even found with the sustainable boxes they use and the string stitches (instead of metal staples attached to the tea bags).

Translated from Hindi, Pukka means “authentic” or “genuine” which perfectly matches the company’s vision. The ingredients for the teas are from fair-trade and sustainable sources and are blended by master herbalist, Sebastian Pole, to cultivate balance inside and out.

Detox Teas, organic herbs

NOTE: As a holistic nutritionist and detoxification expert, it’s important for me to point out that tea alone is rarely adequate for thorough cleansing. Considering the onslaught of modern toxins we’re exposed to (over 80,000 synthetic chemicals), our bodies need more potent formulas and strategies. However, when combined with a healthy program and other food and herbs that support liver health, colon health, and cellular rejuvenation, herbal teas can definitely compliment the process.

More organic detox teas to choose from:
Enjoy the ritual of drinking a cup of tea as a quiet meditation or with friends. If you’re on-the-go, bring an insulated, stainless steel beverage container or thermos with you (which will keep your tea hot or cool as desired). These containers are perfect for parties, movies, and vacations when you want to stay on track with your health and weight loss goals and you want to avoid plastic leaching into your tea from to-go cups. Of course it’s also a smart strategy for reducing waste. Klean Kanteen is a favorite brand of mine.

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