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  • Vegan Travel in Europe – Restaurants in France, Italy, and Spain for a Plant-based Diet

    Traveling to Europe as a vegan might seem impossible or overwhelming, but don’t worry! The abundance of mouth-watering plant-based foods in countries such as France, Italy, and Spain will leave your senses and belly more than satisfied! In fact, I … Continue reading

  • Eco Gift Wrap – Best Tips for the Holidays

    There’s something about wrapping presents during the holiday season that’s wonderfully fun and creative. However, a crazy amount of waste ends up in landfills quickly after the festivities of opening gifts is over. For instance, according to Environmental News Network: … Continue reading

  • How to Do Oil Pulling and Improve Your Health

    What is oil pulling? Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves swishing a tablespoon of sesame, sunflower, or coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. Traditionally it’s been used for a wide range of health issues, but … Continue reading

  • Giveaway: Herb Pharm Herbal Extracts

    Herbs are Mother Nature’s medicine and I’m continually in awe of how safe and effective they are. Now, I have a reputation for being picky or as I like to say, “selective” with pretty much all that I do. I … Continue reading

  • Dumpster Diving Goodies + Tips

    Dumpster diving is one of my favorite hobbies! I started in Seattle in 1996 and have been going strong ever since. To be honest, most of the time I’m really picking up goodies that people have left on the curb, … Continue reading

  • Superfood Spread Recipe

    Blended foods and spreads are easier on the digestive system, which make them great while you’re doing a detox like the Avalon Cleanse. Hummus is classic, but there are some drawbacks to consider. If you’re buying it at the store … Continue reading

  • How to Save a Ton of Money at Whole Foods

    You can save a whole bunch of money (and reduce plastic packaging) by buying food in the bulk section at Whole Foods or any other natural health store or co-op. It’s like getting mega coupons without having to do any … Continue reading

  • Creamy Pumpkin Pasta Recipe

    Who can think about fall without thinking about pumpkins? These glorious fruits are both festive to look at and incorporate into sweet or savory dishes. Loaded with beta-carotene and fiber, they’re also excellent for maintaining a healthy weight and boosting … Continue reading

  • The Easiest Broccoli Soup You’ll Ever Make

    Broccoli stalks are often thrown out, but you can chop them up, boil them, and then toss them in the blender to make a yummy soup. Just add a handful of raw cashews (my favorite!) or some organic tofu along … Continue reading

  • Reducing Waste On-The-Go

    In the past I’ve suggested buying a stash of second hand utensils specifically for when you throw parties so you can replace plastic options for good. What about when you’re out and about though? The lightest and most compact choice … Continue reading

  • Ditching Disposable Coffee Cups

    Have you ever wondered how many coffee cups are tossed in the U.S. each year? Well, Americans used approximately 23 billion paper coffee cups in 2010 (plus trash about 25 billion styrofoam cups annually.) Interestingly enough, the “paper” cups typically … Continue reading

  • The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water

    Do you really know where our water comes from and where it goes? Well, thanks to The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water, you can learn the biggest problems we face with water and a variety of solutions … Continue reading

  • Documentaries: Dive!

    The documentary Dive! addresses the staggering food waste in our country and the art of dumpster diving. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend going for the meat or dairy since I only eat a plant-based diet, but I appreciate the fact that … Continue reading

  • How to Save Those Leftovers!

    I consider myself the Leftovers Queen. Since I eat nutrient rich food and chew, chew, chew I rarely finish restaurant portions. So, I take stuff home (in my reusable to-go container by Clean Planetware.) Some meals are easier to save … Continue reading

  • Documentaries: If a Tree Falls

    If a Tree Falls is a tragic, yet poignant, documentary about a group of environmentalists known as the Earth Liberation Front who went to extreme and dangerous measures to send a loud message about consumerism and the exploitation of natural … Continue reading

  • Documentaries: The Greater Good

    The Greater Good is a must-see film, especially if you’ve ever considered a flu shot, vaccines for your children, or Gardasil (for HPV.) The truth behind how politics takes precedent over public health is mind-blowing! Do you feel vaccines are … Continue reading

  • Documentaries: Finding Joe

    Finding Joe is documentary that is like one big life coaching! It’s based on the works of Joseph Campbell and how his teachings centered in mythological archetypes continues to motivate people to make the most of their life. Joseph Campbell … Continue reading

  • Problems with Plastic Bags for Produce

    Produce in plastic bags – you may be in the habit of putting your groceries in reusable bags by now, but what about your produce? Still clinging to the plastic? Your health: plastic bags are commonly made with phthalates which … Continue reading

  • Why Plastic Straws Suck

    Plastic straws have become a real annoyance for me. It’s estimated that easily 60 million plastic straws (a.k.a. drinking straws) are thrown away every day! Unless someone has a health issue that prevents them from drinking directly from a cup … Continue reading

  • Recipe: Superfood Popsicles

    Each summer seems to be getting hotter and longer! So while we’re busy greening our diet and lifestyle in every way possible to slow down climate change, let’s enjoy some delicious, homemade, superfood popsicles! These are especially helpful for weight … Continue reading

  • Documentaries: Pink Ribbons Inc.

    Watch this documentary! Breast cancer is a tragic epidemic, killing someone worldwide almost every minute. This is the perfect film to raise a new level of awareness between toxins in our products and toxins in our cells. It also exposes … Continue reading

  • Eco-Friendly Children’s Books

    Children’s books are to be treasured and so are natural resources, but the two don’t typically go hand-in-hand. A simple way to cherish both while instilling this important value in the next generation is to buy books from Green Start … Continue reading

  • The Story Of Change

    The Story of Change– Remember the brilliant Story of Stuff video that went viral in 2007? Well, Annie Leonard created another powerfully inspirational video (that’s only a few minutes long.) See why “citizens (not shoppers) hold the key to a … Continue reading

  • Documentaries: Got the Facts on Milk?

    Got the Facts on Milk? is a documentary that exposes the real risks of consuming dairy (in its many forms)! Based on the hard science and politics I’ve been sharing with clients for years, this is an must-see whether you’re … Continue reading

  • Non Toxic Revolution Mission PSA

    This Non Toxic Revolution Mission PSA is only a couple minutes long, but it’s a thought-provoking video that’s great to share with friends and family to inspire a more nontoxic lifestyle. Perfect to send or post anytime, but especially in … Continue reading

  • Detox Teas

    I love tea! So, I’m thrilled I found Pukka at Natural Products Expo West. Not only do they offer unique, organic herbal blends, but they offer some delicious teas specifically for cleansing and detoxing. Some of their teas include: Detox … Continue reading

  • Documentaries: Vanishing of the Bees

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably already heard that bees are dying at a unnatural rate. Simply put, this cannot continue to happen. We need bees to pollinate our plants, to help create our food and sustain … Continue reading

  • The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear

    Veganism is not only one of the best things we can do for our health but it’s also the most beneficial path to take in terms of saving the planet and animals too! This compelling, thought-provoking speech by Gary Yourofsky … Continue reading

  • Documentaries: Forks Over Knives

    Forks Over Knives is a must-see documentary for anyone looking to improve their health naturally. Inspired by the China Study, it shows the serious risks of consuming high amounts of meat and dairy (particularly its connection to cancer.) It also … Continue reading

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Meat

    Grass-fed or corn-fed? This is usually the question among beef eaters today. The real answers often prove to be more complex and shocking than most could ever imagine though. Let’s start with a simple concept; cows are born to be … Continue reading

  • Top 10 Eco Tips For Attending Events

    Attending a lot of events (green or not) inspired me to write and share this list. Whether it’s a business conference, trade show, charity fundraiser, or any other organized event see how you can be more eco. 1) BYOBC – … Continue reading

  • CFLs Or LED Light Bulbs?

    As an greenster you might assume that I’m a fan of compact fluorecent lightbulbs, but as I’ve been saying for years those lightbulbs contain mercury, one of the most toxic substances ever discovered. What happens when you break one? Well, … Continue reading

  • The Story of Stuff (& How We Create It)

    The Story of Stuff is one of my most favorite videos ever, and it addresses the issue of how we as consumers are directly contributing to global warming. While recycling is great, it requires a lot of energy & resources, … Continue reading

  • The (Sad) Story of Bottled Water

    There are so many amazing documentaries made. If you don’t have Netflix, I recommend getting a subscription because they have the best selection for this genre that are available for instant streaming. Another place to find powerful media is on … Continue reading

  • Waste Not Want Not: Save Your Toothpaste!

    I’m always searching for big (and little) ways to waste less resources and materials (like trees, water, packaging, and food) which usually translates to wasting less money as well. I love reusing rubber bands. One of the best things I’ve … Continue reading

  • Smoothies Vs. Juices

    Whether you prefer juicing or making smoothies more often, here are the distinctions between the two, plus some tips in order to minimize waste. Juicing is a therapeutic way to rapidly deliver a concentrated amount of nutrients and energy to … Continue reading

  • 3 Easy Ways To Compost

    It’s time to give back to the earth! Whether you live in an apartment or on a ranch everyone can drastically reduce their waste by composting. Here are the top 3 methods of choice: 1. A traditional compost. This involves … Continue reading

  • Natural Cooling Tips for Your Skin & Body

    When the weather is hot here are some tips to stay cool and healthy, naturally: Eat cooling foods: Cool your body (and emotions) from the inside out when needed. Here are some examples of foods, herbs, and spices that can … Continue reading

  • Gluten-free, Vegan Lasagna Recipe

    This is an original recipe from Rachel Avalon. This gf, vegan lasagna has a significantly reduced amount of fat than traditional lasagna and it’s cholesterol-free. Instructions: You will prep the noodles, vegan cheese, and veggie mix in this order… Boil … Continue reading

  • Reusable Sandwich Bags

    WASTE NOT, WANT NOT Ziploc bags and similar single use plastic bags for sandwiches and snacks have become the American norm, but it’s time to replace them with something that’s healthier for you and the planet. After all, these things … Continue reading

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