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  • Eco-Chick
    How I Wear Eco Fashion: Clothes Swapper Extraordinaire Rachel AvalonRachel Avalon is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Eco Expert, which means that on any given day she’s busy seeing clients, attending evening parties and functions, and ferreting out the latest ways to live as healthfully as possible. All of this means she needs comfortable, versatile clothing that works for her home base of Los Angeles’ changeable weather and laid-back style.Obviously from her choice of work, Rachel is dedicated to health, and our health and the planet’s is intertwined; she chooses to reuse whenever possible to cut down on resources used in clothing production. But she makes it fun by hosting Clothes Swap Soirees. “At least 80% of my wardrobe and accessories are from clothes swaps,” says Rachel, and she’s so into it, she’s even made a how-to swap video.
  • Healthy Home Dream Team
  • The Green Dove – A Lesson in Real Beauty
  • Eco-Vegan Gal – Women of the Green Generation – impact of food on health and environment
  • E Magazine – What Green Leaders Think Comes Next
    “I believe that when we are able to see the bigger picture we are more motivated to do little things like use reusable bags and eat less meat. We can also more easily understand the sacred connection between our health and the health of all life on this planet. In measurable terms, a deep hope of mine is that citizens, corporations and policy makers finally move away from coal, nuclear power and petro-based living and fully support healthy energy sources such as wind and solar.”
  • Organic Spa – Rachel Avalon Walks the Talk
    “Living holistically and sustainably adds a kind of purpose and fulfillment to your life that’s beyond description,” she adds. The easiest way to start, she says, is to minimize petroleum consumption. “Water bottles, grocery bags, vehicle, and food choices…every area of our lives can be more holistic.”
  • Chill Out LA

Articles and Press, purple sun

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